Monday, January 28, 2008

Zebra Mussels in California & Colorado: Two Articles | Don't move a mussel; expert explains all about invasive shellfish
Jan 16, 2008
By Michael Van Cassell (Photo by: Special to the Free Lance)
Zebra mussels - an invasive shellfish that can clog water pumps and pipes and could potentially wreck havoc on California's water and power system - which state officials confirmed this afternoon are in the San Justo Reservoir. County officials confirmed today that the reservoir delivered water to customers during a four-week period while the typical water supply was shut down.

A renowned biologist said today the zebra mussels found in a small reservoir south of Hollister may have been in the basin for years and hitched a ride over the Rocky Mountains to get there.

Dr. Daniel P. Molloy also said a soil bacterium - which could be commercially available within two years - acts as a toxin and can kill 70 percent to 90 percent of the mollusk and its close cousin, the quagga mussel, when applied. | Another western state confirms zebra mussel presence
Jan 21, 2008
By Michael Van Cassell
Another western state confirmed its first zebra mussel - an invasive species found recently in waters south of Hollister - present in a reservoir there, the Colorado Division of Wildlife reported.

Doug Krieger, a senior biologist with Colorado Division of Wildlife, said the agency has been searching for the pesky mollusk in the state after they were found in Kansas.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife confirmed two weeks ago the species found in Lake Pueblo - a reservoir about 100 miles south of Denver that feeds the Arkansas River and eventually the Mississippi River - were indeed zebra mussels, Krieger said."

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