Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EPA Conducts Studies to Improve Safety of Swimming at Beaches

EPA is conducting two health (epidemiological) studies to help determine when water quality is safe for swimming. These studies will be used by EPA to develop new water quality criteria. One study will be conducted at a beach in a tropical region and another study will be conducted in marine waters impacted by urban runoff in a temperate region. After careful scientific evaluation, EPA has selected BoquerĂ³n Beach, Puerto Rico as the tropical site, and Surfside Beach, South Carolina as the urban runoff site. EPA will conduct the studies this summer and will monitor beach water quality at the two beaches on the days the studies are conducted. The studies will help in the development of new or revised criteria for water at beaches. States, tribes and territories will use the new or revised criteria to adopt new water quality standards to protect people at beaches from illness associated with fecal contamination in water.

For more information visit the National Epidemiological and Environmental Assessment of Recreational Water website at

Source: EPA Waterheadlines

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